Financial suggestions without sound knowledge and expertise are a loss-making decision, and when it comes to mortgages, it is wise to rely on experts’s advice. Home mortgage advice services also call for expert opinion, and in Dubai, you can always rely on HJ Real Estates mortgage advisory support for free.

We have been operative in Dubai for more than 14- years in the Dubai real estate market, and mortgage advisory is one of the services that we provide to our clients, educating them about the eligibility criteria, tenancy contracts, DEWA bills, bank documentation, work out the monthly payments, look out for better interest rates, down payment, and also giving them insight about using the mortgage calculator.

HJ Real Estates prioritizes your needs, guides you through how mortgages in Dubai work, and is committed to providing you with the exact mortgage advisory that you are looking for in Dubai, UAE.

Securing mortgage approvals should be a simple process. As the best mortgage broker in Dubai, we aim to simplify the approval process, ensuring that the journey to securing a mortgage is straightforward and stress-free regardless of your property venture.

We adopt an approach to mortgage solutions, collaborating with an extensive network of lenders. Our commitment is to work in your best interests rather than ours, ensuring that the mortgage rates we secure in Dubai are tailored to optimize your financial well-being.

Your borrowing capacity is determined by various factors such as income and past credit history and varies from bank to bank.

Individuals who are not citizens of the UAE and expatriates must provide a deposit amounting to 25-35% of the property’s value, which rises to 50% for off-plan properties. A minimum down payment of 40% is mandated when acquiring a second or third property.

Mortgage cost depends on property value, interest rate, deposit, and repayment duration. Interest rates typically range from 3.49% to 7%. You can use a mortgage calculator in Dubai to get a better idea.

Yes, you have the option to do so. Yet, our expert mortgage advice recommends you to initiate negotiations with your existing bank for a potential rate reduction initially, as they would prefer to retain you as their customer.

An early mortgage settlement is possible. It’s important to note that various lenders have distinct terms regarding early payment.

When acquiring directly from developers, fees include Title Deed issuance (AED 520), administration fee (AED 4,200), and 4% of the property value payable to the Dubai Land Department. Financed properties incur a Mortgage Registration Fee (0.25% of mortgage value + AED 290 admin fees). Service fees for maintenance vary based on property size, and utility setup (DEWA) costs range from AED 2,300 (apartment) to AED 4,000 (villa).

Under the capital and interest repayment mortgages, the borrower pays an equal monthly installment (EMI) against the money and the interest for the pre-agreed timeframe. The initial years of the loan period mostly have a higher interest rate. The repayment period can extend to 25 years or until age 65 for salaried ex-pats (70 for UAE nationals and self-employed ex-pats), whichever comes first.

Alternatively, interest-only repayments, common for financing off-plan properties, allow borrowers to pay only the interest on borrowed capital for up to five years. It offers flexibility as the borrower can repay interest at a fixed or variable rate.

The insurance needed for a mortgage in Dubai is life insurance. Banks and lenders usually insist on purchasing their in-house life insurance policy to mortgage the funds they lend.