Honeymoon Island Dubai

Scouting for an exotic location for a romantic trip of a lifetime other than Maldives, Mauritius, France, and Bali? Let’s give you another beautiful destination and this time in Dubai and do you know we call it “Honeymoon Island.” Dubai never fails to grab the attention of visitors from all across the globe and goes an extra mile to retain the title of “Luxurious City.”

Honeymoon Island’s elegant villas is just a tip of the iceberg. The epitome of a luxury destination, Honeymoon Island Dubai gives newlyweds their favourite picks of pristine white sand beaches and magnificent landscaped gardens. Nestled amongst the World’s Islands, Honeymoon Island stands out as a beautiful jewel within the heart of europe dubai project that are sure to give you the feel of Maldives.

Honeymoon Island Dubai

A Luxury Paradise – The Floating Overwater Villas

Honeymoon Island Dubai by the Heart of Europe is an enchanting destination for both locals and international visitors worldwide. Shaped like a heart itself, this island promises a romantic getaway and a taste of luxurious living right in Dubai’s backyards. You are not required to take any seaplanes or long flights to reach this wonderful destination. Just a 20-minute speedboat ride will land you to this romantic retreat.

Just imagine, landing onto an island that features 133 floating seahorses, each embellished with underwater bedrooms and breath-taking views! Stunning, isn’t it? Each floating seahorse at the Honeymoon Island Dubai by the Heart of Europe will be connected to the main island through floating jetties, providing guests an easy accessibility to the premium amenities.

These 5-star accommodations are sure to leave you awe-struck! This island destination by the famous developer, Heart of Europe Dubai redefines the concept of luxury living, offering guests a winning duo of seaworthy architecture and ultimate comfort. No matter if you are spending quality time with your love on the spacious terrace or staring at the beautiful marine life through your bedroom’s underwater windows, every moment spent on Honeymoon Island Dubai guarantees serenity and pampering.

More than just a Villa – A Romantic yet Luxury Escape

The iconic villas in this island is just a glance of luxury lifestyle. In addition, this beautiful island by Heart of Europe Dubai boasts an array of amenities that are a cherry on the cake. Relax and rejuvenate on the expansive swimming pool, sip your favourite drinks at the lavish bars, feed your tastebuds at the most delectable restaurants.

No matter if you are looking for a romantic dinner with your soul mate under the stars or a casual breakfast with the tranquil ocean views, Honeymoon Island Dubai rewards you with every thing to make your honeymoon more special and memorable. A final date regarding the opening of this 5-star resort is yet to be announced. This romantic paradise will be conveniently located near the main Europe Island, upon opening.

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Honeymoon Island Dubai by the Heart of Europe is not just a romantic getaway, but a luxury escape with your love into embracing the different shades of nature. So, all the newlyweds, don’t miss out on this amazing island if you want to experience an unforgettable journey!

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