Golden Visa UAE

The Golden Visa UAE is a long-term residency program by the government of the UAE to offer and extend support to foreign investors, students, and their families. It allows foreigners to reside in the country for 10 years with the probable chance of renewing it. If you are applicant of the UAE golden visa you can bring your family members and your domestic helpers as per your choice to live with you.

With the increasing attraction of foreigners to stay and work in Dubai, the government of UAE offers a special opportunity of the Dubai Golden Visa. It gives access to eligible people to stay and work in Dubai for a long period of time.

As the name sounds “Golden Visa” is like a golden ticket for business owners, investors, skilled workers, students, or retired people to move several steps ahead in one single take without taking support of any local resident of the UAE.

This blog by HJ Real Estates will help you to know better about the Golden Visa Benefits, Eligibility, Requirements, and other basic details.

Golden Visa UAE Eligibility

• Investors
• Entrepreneurs
• Exceptional Students
• Researchers and Specialised Talents

The eligibility criteria for Dubai Golden Visa also varies based on the type of residence, and professional background of the applicant. The qualifications or conditions listed below are necessary to get a UAE Golden Visa:

Requirements for Foreign Investors

Foreign Investors

Individuals who have made a public investment of at least AED 10 million (either through a corporation or an investment fund) are eligible to apply for a 10-year visa. For every AED 10 million contributed by a business partner, the government will provide a 10-year visa.

However, those who own at least AED 5 million are eligible to apply for a 5-year visa. The money invested should not be lent by individuals and should be kept for three years.
When it comes to assets, the assets must be fully owned by the individual, however, real estate cannot account for more than 60% of the fund.

The long- term Golden Visa for the UAE also allows the holder’s spouse, children, and an advisor to stay with the applicant.

Requirements for Those with Specific Talent

Applications for a 10-year UAE golden visa are accepted from people with specialized skills. Only after receiving accreditation from their relevant departments and fields the government of Dubai will allocate their visa.

A scientist must be accredited by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Medal for Scientific Achievement holders or by the Emirates Scientists Council. The Ministry of Culture & Knowledge Development requires accreditation in art and culture for creative people.

The ministry of education has authorized 500 international universities, and applicants must be educators from one of those institutions. Physicians are required to have twenty years of experience as medical practitioners in their specialty. The kids and spouses will also be granted Visa in such cases.

Requirements for Investors in Real Estate

General Investors and Real Estate Investors can also utilize Golden Visa benefits. The prerequisites for general investors and real estate investors are comparable, however, they can apply for a five-year visa and have to invest AED five million.

Conditions for Students and Experts in their Respective Field

Exceptional students are required to obtain a minimum grade of 95% in both private and public secondary schools. Furthermore, at graduation, university students—both domestic and foreign—must have a distinction GPA of at least 3.75.

Criteria for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs with an existing project of at least a capital of minimum 500,000 AED or having the approval of an authorised business incubator in Dubai can apply for the Golden Visa.

UAE Golden Visa Benefits

UAE Golden Visa Benefits

The Dubai Golden Visa has gradually gained popularity among people across the globe. One of the main reasons behind this being one of the most sough-after Visas is that this allows for a long-term residence along with family, apart from this it also gives opportunity to people from different field and business background to come, earn, and enjoy their life in a country that has the ability to create architectural and technical marvels.

Work Advantage

Holders of Golden Visa Dubai have the permit to work in the UAE without any further requirement of separate work permit, whether you are planning to start Dubai Real Estate business or you are an expert in your respective field you can work with full privilege in Dubai.

Access to all services like locals

Like the locals of UAE, people having Golden Visa UAE can take advantage of government services inclusive of healthcare, education, and utilities.

Tax Benefits

The UAE is best known for its advantageous tax environment. Local residents of the UAE have not to worry about the capital gains tax or personal income tax, and so do the holders of Golden Visa. Such tax benefits help people save a lot of money.


Golden Visa Dubai can get the benefit of retirement option in the diverse environment of Dubai.

How much does the Dubai Golden Visa Cost?

For applicants living in the Emirates can apply for the Golden Visa and its range of services with the charges varying from AED 2,800 to AED 3,800, whereas individuals living in abroad can apply for Golden Visa UAE with the price range between 2,800 AED to AED 4,800. Applicants also need to pay the application fee of AED 150. Additional funds starting from AED 800 has also to be bear by applicants for medical examination, processing fees, and medical insurance.

Dubai Golden Visa is a 10-year residence permit along with family for foreign nationals, giving them the privilege to stay, work, study, avail local government benefits without the dependency of any local sponsor.

As per the new rules, investors can now apply for the Golden Visa by having a property valued at minimum AED 2 million or higher, irrespective of the down payment done or the status of the property (Property can be off-plan, mortgaged, completed, or not).

First and the most important benefit that Indian Citizens get from Dubai Golden Visa is long-term residency plan. On professional front, the Golden Visa holder get all the work privileges similar to local residents.

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