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Damac Utopia

Price (AED)

17.2 M

Damac Utopia

  • 5, 6 & 7 BR
  • 13,555 to 25,317 Sq. Ft.

Price (AED)

17.2 M

Utopia Residency By DAMAC Properties

Dive into elegant living as you find abode at Damac Utopia, located within Damac Hills, a modern residential enclave by Damac Properties. It has expansive layouts and meticulous design, featuring refined detailing and smart technology integration. Relish exclusive amenities within the confines of your private plots as well as within the communal spaces of the surrounding community!



Utopia at DAMAC Hills

Life at Damac Utopia is nothing short of living a dream. The residences are available in diverse layouts, and all necessary and luxurious amenities are conveniently available!

Self-contained ecosystem

The residences offer everything: basement entertainment arenas, home cinemas, water features, gyms, spas, and whatnot. The potential for a distinctive living experience is unlimited, evoking a perpetual holiday ambiance. Within this self-contained community lies the DAMAC Mall, equipped with its dedicated medical center, a Carrefour supermarket, Jebel Ali School, and salons and offices for cleaning companies, ensuring that every resident’s needs are met within this comprehensive enclave.

Eye-catching architecture

Each villa emerges as a true masterpiece, skillfully combining geometric precision, locally sourced woods, and contemporary metals in a captivating architectural symphony. The meticulous blend of these elements evokes a sense of elegance and contributes to a unique and visually appealing aesthetic. The incorporation of high ceilings creates a sense of openness and grandeur. What truly sets these villas apart is their ingenious incorporation of nature into the living spaces. Indigenous foliage becomes an integral part of the architectural narrative, blurring the lines between the indoors and the outdoors.

Lush green surroundings

Utopia Dubai emerges as a lush and vibrant green sanctuary, with luxurious villas enveloped by sprawling parks, enchanting water bodies, and designated recreational zones. The landscape is a testament to the commitment to green living. Residents can immerse themselves in the beauty of nature within this space only.

Payment Plan of

Utopia’s Payment Plan


On Booking


During Construction


On Handover

Amenities of

Amenities at Utopia Dubai Township

Residents can find a tapestry of amenities for this luxurious development. This adds leisure and convenience to the fabric of everyday life. Some of the facilities are:

Jogging Track


Green Surrounding

Malibu Bay Wave Pool

Dining Area

Sports courts

Kids Play Area


Location of

An Exquisite Location

Situated centrally within Damac Hills, Utopia enjoys a prime location at the core of Dubai. Its strategic positioning ensures swift connectivity to prominent landmarks through Hessa Street and Emirates Road. Nearby, residents can access notable attractions such as Dubai Studio City, Dubai Sports City, Dubai Autodrome, and Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC).

Floor Plans of

Utopia by Damac Floor Plan

Dubai Utopia unveils a diverse selection of luxurious villas, each meticulously designed to exemplify modern sophistication and optimal living. From the well-appointed 5-bedroom residences to the spacious 6-bedroom homes and the grandeur of the 7-bedroom estates, each unit showcases the commitment to top-tier luxury and meticulous planning. Furthermore, the infusion of smart technology seamlessly integrates into every room, kitchen, and bathroom, elevating the overall living experience.

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We will tell you everything you need to know about Damac Utopia

There are two airports nearby. It has a 30-minute commute to DXB Airport and a mere 20-minute journey to DWC Airport.

The green zone is a dedicated space where vegetables will be cultivated, and various herbs can be conveniently purchased, fostering a sustainable and health-conscious lifestyle within the community.

Yes, multi-car garages are available for easy parking.

Certainly! The villas within Utopia present a lucrative prospect for foreign investors aiming to secure a residency visa. The duration of the residency visa will be contingent upon the value of the property purchased.

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