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AEON by Emaar

Price (AED)

1.7 M

AEON by Emaar Properties

  • 1, 2, 3 BR
  • 762 to 1,772 SQ FT.

Price (AED)

1.7 M

AEON at Dubai Creek Harbour

AEON by Emaar Developer is an urban heaven in Dubai that infuses aqua ambience, offering a newer version of luxurious living within the residential perimeter. This canal-front off-plan project floors premium 1 to 3-bedroom modern apartments for sale in Dubai, each to feature perfect living ambience serving end-to-end family residential needs. Poised to be the best apartment for sale in Dubai, the Aeon project commits to delivering a high-class lifestyle at the prime location in Dubai, the Dubai Creek Harbour.



Apartment for Sale in Dubai – Spacious Living

Aeon residential off-plan project, located in one of the hottest properties in Dubai, is known for its mesmerizing waterfront and encloses nine districts, each resembling Dubai’s cultural and historical significance. This elite residential destination in Dubai spans a 500000 sqm park area, expansive surroundings with friendly neighbourhoods, and well integrates with the city’s sustainable civic character. Aeon by Emaar dimensions varied aspects of high-class living, stretching comfort to the zenith to connect with the heartbeat of Dubai.

Land and Waterfront Charm

Aeon by Emaar Properties is a perfect abode for those looking for a fine composition of modern living tuning to the city’s charm and the high-rise island experience of the Creek Waters. Residents can admire and enjoy the delights of land-water confluence, absorbing maximum fun and leisure, living in the prime location of Dubai.

Prime Investment Destination

Unveiling the curtains to prosperity, Aeon by Emaar in Dubai is more than a real estate residential project – it gates investment fortune to the property investor. Investing trust in this off-plan property assures higher yield, as this prime location property price is bound to
appreciate. An early investment in Aeon positions the home buyers to reap the benefits of Dubai’s booming real estate market, which is poised to grow exponentially. Aeon by Emaar is the best place to buy apartments in Dubai Creek Harbour, which seals Emaar’s reputation, guaranteeing quality infrastructure development and high-class design.

Sustainable Smart Project

Aeon installs condensate and planter drain collection for landscape irrigation, promoting sustainable water management solutions.
Engaging refuse chutes and placing recycling bins marks the adoption of efficient waste management, thereby fostering sustainable practices.
Aeon by Emaar promotes eco-friendly off-plan projects, prioritizing energy efficiency, innovative designs, and green building standards, and is one of the best off-plan properties in Dubai.

Ready to Buy Apartment in Dubai?

Aeon by Emaar Properties offers a compelling combination of luxury living, investment potential, and sustainable practices. Visit their website or contact a representative today to learn more about making Aeon your new home in Dubai.

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Emaar AEON Payment Plan


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Amenities of

Endless Amenities, Infinite Lifestyle

Emaar’s off-plan residential property holds beneficial features, satiating the desirable and luxurious requisites of convenience, enticing home buyers to invest in one of the best properties in Dubai – Aeon in Dubai Creek Harbour.
Adjacent to the central plaza, the Aeon residential community boasts of its alluring amenities with attitude, facilitating ease for the residents. Aeon plugs into the heart of Dubai and infuses urban features – play space for kids, impressive and world-class interior, designed modernistic rooms, and spacious closets.


Dining Outlets

Health Care Centre

Kids Play Area

Parks and Leisure Areas


Retail Outlets

Swimming Pool

Location of

Location of AEON at Dubai Creek Harbour

Located amid the beauty of aqua and green, Aeon by Emaar positions easy accessibility within proximity, offering residents a smooth and joyous living experience.
Aeon in Dubai Creek Harbour apartments provides easy access to essential and recreational landmarks. It is the best area to buy apartment in Dubai.

Floor Plans of

Floor Plan of Aeon at Dubai Creek Harbour

Aeon by Emaar Properties, one of the best properties in Dubai, floors masterpiece apartments, sealing architectural precision to meet the residential needs of individuals and families. This 1/2/3-bedroom apartment for sale in Dubai dimensions luxury and design excellence, maintaining quality building material input across the levels of the towers. Aeon’s premier off-plan residential property equips smart lighting and weather protection systems, engaging insulation techniques by installing cool roofs and double glazing for energy efficiency.

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Aeon community is a family-pro residential project catering to member needs, especially for kids. There are dedicated zones allotted for children like parks and court sports to keep the young angels busty and happy too.
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Emaar is the first and largest licensed association management company in UAE, providing property maintenance services to communities like the MEPs (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing). ECM is an online portal to address property-related issues to Emaar.

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